Our Vision

LMP Group is a company created by a team has developed design and production in the field of electrical accumulators accessories for many years. The new enterprise combines the know-how acquired from thirty years of experience in the field and the innovation needed for the augmented competitiveness. LMP Group operates in automotive, stand by. motive power, and in automatic refill system for batteries.

The R & D sector and the organization of innovation combined with internationalization are the fundamental and driving topics for the development of LMP Group in the markets worldwide.

The company is able to codesign, to support and develop the needs on customer requests. Indeed the customer is in the center of the LMP business model.

Meanwhile the corporate culture is oriented to engineer new trends, products and services anticipating the needs of the market and suggesting new solutions.

The company’s goal is to promote the innovation culture internally, bringing the research to the market quickly, efficiently and functionally. LMP has in his stakeholders Research centers, Universities and industrial partners who use the technology and innovation as priority.

The LMP products must meet the highest quality standards. The aspects of the assembly, the quality tests and the consistency to the international standards requirements, needs a continuous improving in the digitalization of the processes for the value chain.

In addition, the company promotes testing and processing services that ensure the safety and functionalization of semi-finished products not manufactured by LMP.

Topics as the use of advanced material, advanced manufacturing, industry 4.0, lean production, the circular economy and sustainability are the starting points for the future projects.

The Enterprise

The business group is founded by a mix of entrepreneurs than combine thirty years of experience in the sector and new innovative technical skills of product and process. The team has been working in the field of plastic materials, ceramics and sintering for years.

Management is involved in the keys roles, from innovation, production and process engineering, to economic and financial aspects.
Another important topic is the internal tooling department for the production of injection molds, beside a molding area with thirty plastic injection molding machines and an assembly area with a heat sealer and ultrasonic welders.


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