LMP Products

Motive Power

Battery Accessories for Industrial Motive power, electric mobilty , golf cars and sustainability.

Plugs for manual refill (TPS) , level indicators, degassing circuits, terminal covers, connection covers, air mixing systems, tubular plate feet, ceramic filters and quick connection for pipes


More than 500 accessories for automotive batteries

Degassing plugs and valves, Kamina Plugs, triple and sextuple push-in vent plugs, service plugs (Formation and Washing of the elements), packings, pole covers and terminal covers.

Stand By Batteries

Worldwide Patented Accessories for the stand by batteries fields.

#Comingsoon new vent ceramic valve with super hydrophobic surface (nanotechnologies)

Ceramic valve according to DIN 40740 m IP 55 and UNI TS K7, with or without electrolyte level indicators and digital indicators, service plugs for transport and formation, splash protectors.

Automatic refill

#comingsoon with a new patented automatic refill plugs.